Here's everything you need to know!


8/20/2022 Update: We are currently buying Halloween costumes! Vintage

or newer, handmade or store-bought, as long as they are in good, wearable

condition. Teen and adult sizes only, we do not buy or sell kids' clothing.


We are also always looking for larger/plus size and mens' or masculine vintage

clothing, as well as alt/rave/goth styles.


We are not buying anything else at this time . Please read through ALL the text below

before you bring any items in. Thank you!!

What we are looking to buy: 


We are always seeking fun vintage clothing from the 1950s to the early 2000s, as well as newer, trendy, gently used items. 

We LOVE vintage!


Any bright, colorful, fun, edgy, punk, goth, glam, avant-garde, alt, special, or otherwise cool clothing items from any decade, including tees, casual clothes, denim, leather, office wear, party wear, cocktail dresses, rave wear, lingerie, pajamas, and robes. 


As well as….


Modern (recently manufactured) clothing with a retro twist, streetwear, or anything fashion-forward or alternative in style, especially from independent designers or any niche online shops (like Dolls Kill, Killstar, Modcloth, etc). ***We generally are not looking for basics or clothing from Walmart, Target, or mainstream “fast fashion” brands like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Deb, Asos, Old Navy, Shein, Romwe, etc - but if you have an extra-special item from one of those brands that you think belongs in the store, go ahead and bring it in!

We generally are seeking seasonal clothing 1-2 months before the season hits (for example, in the summer, we'll be looking to buy fall clothing.)


We are always looking for vintage and modern MENSWEAR/UNISEX ITEMS!


And we are always looking for vintage and modern PLUS SIZE ITEMS!




Shoes! Hats! Belts! Bags! And any other accessories in good, wearable condition!




We do not offer a consignment option for vintage clothing. We only buy items outright. We generally do not buy and sell high-end designer items that would be valued over $200, we're just not that kind of store. We most likely cannot offer you a fair price on items like that so please don't try to talk us into buying your expensive pieces.


A few things we don’t accept: housewares, trinkets, or furniture. Underwear, socks, tights, or pantyhose unless they're new with tags or in unopened packaging. Wedding dresses. Prom dresses. Kids’ clothing. Items that are soiled, have noticeable holes or stains, deodorant marks inside or out, pet hair, or foul odors. Please only bring in clean, gently-used items!

How does it work?

Just gather up some items you think we may be interested in buying. We ask that customers bring in no more than 2 bags or boxes of clothing at a time. PLEASE bring your clothing in bags or boxes and put your name and phone number on each, we can't and won't accept loose armloads of clothing. You might want to print and fill out a clothing intake form (located below) to save time, but we'll also have printed copies at the store. Just stop by the store during normal business hours and let one of us know you're wanting to sell some clothes. At this time, because we have limited staff and counter space to go through items, we ask that you bring your items in bags and plan on leaving them with us until the next Wednesday. We will go though them on our closed days (which are Mon/Tues), make you an offer via text or email when we're done, and you may pick up any items we're not buying the following week, or just let us know if you'd like us to donate them for you.

We'll let you know our offer. Once you accept, we'll pay you in cash (check, venmo, or paypal, actually) or store credit - your choice. We pay you 30% of the selling price in cash, or 50% of the selling price in store credit. (For example - if you bring in a t-shirt that we think we will be able to sell for $15, we'll offer you $5 in cash for it, or $7.50 in store credit.) 

Store credit may be used to purchase any blue tagged items (that's most of what's in the store). Sorry, yellow tagged/consignment items are excluded (these include items from local artists and designers that remain the property of those individuals, so store credit doesn't apply.)

To be prepared and save time, you can download and print our intake form here:


Have questions? Check our FAQ page, or email us: thehereafterforever@gmail.com