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  • Where are you located? When are you open?
    Our location: 120 N Hillside, Wichita KS 67214. Just north of the intersection of Douglas and Hillside, next to Sport Burger and across from Ace Hardware. Our regular business hours are: Wednesday through Saturday - 11am - 7pm. Sunday - 12pm - 6pm. We are closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Do you only sell used clothes? Where do the clothes come from?
    Generally all the clothing in our shop is secondhand (preowned). We also carry pieces from local artists and designers that are handmade or produced in small runs. The merchandise in our store comes from lots of places - mostly thrift stores, estate sales, and individuals who sell items to us. We try to fill the shop with items that are clean, unstained and undamaged, things with "plenty of life left in them." But you may see indications of items being previously owned, especially on older vintage items and shoes.
  • So you buy clothes from people? How do I sell stuff to you?
    Yes we do! Sometimes! It depends on what we're short on, and how much space we have available. For detailed information about the kinds of items we buy (and don't buy), what to expect, and how it works, click here to read more.
  • What's the deal with the yellow tags? Why can't I use my store credit on them?
    We use yellow tags to indicate our consignment items. These are unique pieces that belong to local artists, designers, or rare vintage collectors, and we're giving these folks space to show and sell their goods in our shop in exchange for a percentage of the sale price. Because we don't own these pieces, and we give most of the profits to the owner when these items are sold, our "store credit" option that we have for buying and selling our other (blue tag) merchandise doesn't work for this stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience! We hope you understand!
  • How can I get my stuff on consignment in your shop?
    We do not offer consignment for vintage/secondhand clothing items. We do buy these items outright from individuals on occasion. If you're an artist, designer, tie-dyer, DIYer, etc and you think the wearable items you create might be a good fit in The Hereafter, please reach out to us through email or just stop by the store some time! You can read more about it here. Please understand we're a little limited on space, so we may not be able to accommodate your work right away. But we plan to keep consignment pieces in rotation, so if we can't accept your work right away, feel free to check back in in a couple months.
  • I brought in a bunch of really nice clothes to sell you, and you hardly wanted to buy any of it! What gives?"
    We understand your frustration. Please don't take it personally! It doesn't mean we think you have bad taste. Sometimes we unfortunately have to turn away perfectly good clothes. When that happens, it probably means we're overstocked, don't have room in the back for more merchandise, maybe we already have a lot of whatever styles/sizes you've brought in, or we might just be running tight on our buying budget (keep in mind we're still a fledgling shop trying to make ends meet each month.) Keep an eye on our socials for what we're specifically looking to buy at any given time!
  • Can I just donate clothing to you? I'm cleaning out my closet. I don't need any money for it.
    Yes, we accept donations of vintage or secondhand clothing in good wearable condition! But please, don't bring us large quantities of your unwanted clothing, we are not a thrift store, we don't have a lot of spare room or time to sort and process large quantities of clothing. Thank you for understanding!
  • Do you carry men's clothes? How's your plus size selection? What about kids' clothes?
    Our goal is to carry a wide selection of clothing and accessories for adult humans of every size and gender. If you're asking these questions, you probably already know as well as we do that cool vintage and secondhand men's and plus size fashions can be a bit more elusive than "standard size" women's clothing. We strive every day to create the most inclusive shopping experience we can for all our customers. (For all adult customers, that is - no we don't buy or sell any children's clothing at this time - sorry kids!) That being said, we are always facing an imbalance, a disproportionate amount of standard size women's clothing, and we are always looking to expand our selection of men's and especially plus size clothing. So we'll just say, our selections are decent, could be better tbh, and if you have cool plus size and/or men's clothing you don't wear any more - please consider selling it to us so we can improve on this!
  • Are you hiring?
    Thank you for your interest! Right now, the answer is no - we're just a little two person team trying to figure all this out, and tbh we just can't afford to hire an additional employee and pay a decent wage right off the bat. Once we get our shop up and running and figure out what the heck we're doing, we will absolutely be looking to expand our hours and grow our team. So just keep checking back!
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