Attention all independent designers, artists, jewelry makers, DIY creative types, and fashion visionaries!
2/4/22 UPDATE: We do not currently have much space available for new artists'/makers' work. Please still feel free to reach out if you feel your work would be a good fit, but it may be a few months before we are able to accept new consignors. Thanks for understanding!

If you are a vendor who would like to participate in our monthly outdoor pop-up markets - participation is free and open to anyone, but please be aware space is limited so we are sometimes selective depending on the theme for the month. Please feel free to contact us through social media or email to inquire!

We'd love to discuss putting your pieces on display and for sale on consignment in The Hereafter! Our consignment program for artists and designers works like this: when an item of yours sells, we keep 25% of the sale price, you keep 75%. You name the price or we can come up with one together. Each piece remains your property and is yours to take back at any time. We'll issue you a check at the end of each month for your cut of items sold). We're specifically seeking wearable items made or designed by you (like creative screen printed tees/totes/etc with unique artwork, airbrushed clothes, hand-painted or embroidered denim, tees, or leather, unique tie-dyed items, everything studded, splattered, frayed, deconstructed, patched, stitched, upcycled...etc!). Anything with a fashion-forward, trendy, punk, edgy, alternative, kawaii, futuristic, apocalyptic, or retro aesthetic will fit right in! We are interested in working with independent fashion designers looking to grow their brand, as well as individual artists and makers.

We also have space for jewelry, art prints, zines, cassettes, CDs, stickers, keychains, accessories, etc! Depending on our budget, we might be able to buy these smaller items from you outright at a wholesale price, or else put them on consignment. 

Our space for consignment items is limited, so s
ustainably and ethically produced items, gender and size inclusive brands, and queer, trans, Black, POC, or formerly incarcerated designers/makers will get first preference, but we encourage anyone and everyone interested to reach out to us! 

Stop by during store hours or send us an email with some

examples of your work and let’s chat about it!
(This is open to local Wichita folks as well as out-of-towners!)